14 Lessons for Long and Happy Life by 104-Year Old Japanese Doctor

Did you know that there is a Japanese doctor by the name Sheigeaki Hinohara who is 104 years old? Yes, this is true. This doctor is actually the author of more than 150 books, among which the best-seller by the name “Living Long, Living Good.”

Moreover, this doctor is the creator of the “New Elderly Movement” with which he encourages others to live happy and long life. And the doctor is the best role model for that.

As a matter of fact, the revealed some of the most precious secrets and lessons to prosperous, long and happy life. We are talking about 14 pieces of advice which are very interesting and one of a kind. Intrigued? Read on, to find out.

14 Lessons for Long and Happy Life


1. Have a Role Model

Dr.Hinohara says that in life having a role model is a must. For him, a role model was his father. Whenever Dr.Hinohata faces difficulty, he takes a second and asks what would his father do.

2. Share Your Knowledge

Every single year, this doctor gives around 150 lectures in business communities and schools. He retells his story, speaks about war and peace and advises people.

As a matter of fact, during most time of his lectures, which is around an hour and a half, he is standing up. Isn’t this amazing? Let’s remind you, he is 104 years old.

3. Science Cannot Cure People on Its Own

This doctor believes that every person is a unique and maintains that visual and liberal arts might cure all illnesses.

4. Pain Is Mysterious

In order to soothe pain, you should have fun. For example you can play with your pet or listen to music.



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