The Best State For Self-Sufficiency

Have you ever wondered where the best place for self-sufficiency is? A member on a different forum was doing a paper on preparedness for college about 5 years ago and had asked for some advice on where the safest location to survive a shtf scenario was. I gave him a bunch of reference material and he ended up getting a 87, not too bad.

We had a new forum member sign up and he asked where the best place to create a homestead was and it got me thinking, pretty much everything I referenced 5 years ago pointed in that direction. So I looked for updated images and removed the color data from the top 50% of each criteria; creating overlays where the empty white spaces are the preferred locations. Once they were all done; I layered them all together to show where the best locations are. You can see the result below; remember; the areas of white are ideal.

1Hardiness zones were cut off at zone 7


2Next is precipitation levels, we need water


3Along with rain, comes drought

4Next is groundwater levels

5Unemployment numbers are important

6.Property values, $125,000 was the cut off

7.Property taxes, crazy what some people pay

8.Income disparity level, a sign of low wages

9.Earthquake faults, The New Madrid is a concern

10.Population density, the less people the better

11.After layering everything together

It looks like Northern Alabama, Western Arkansas and part of Eastern Oklahoma are the best locations to start a self sufficient home. Yet there is one other criteria that I did not add that is important as well; tornadoes. I figured the average of one every other year was a manageable risk level.


After taking this into consideration, it looks like Crawford County Arkansas is the best and safest place to start a homestead. Good luck with your homesteading dreams.

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