How to Build a Log Cabin By Hand

Make all your homestead dreams come true and learn how to build a log cabin by hand! Imagine living in a beautiful log home that you have constructed with your own two hands. Oh to be one with nature…

If you thought building a log cabin was hard, you better think again. With the proper plan, supplies and a bit of know-how, you can build your own. Keep reading for everything you need to know about how to build a lob cabin and of course, the steps!

What do you need to know before building a log cabin?
  1. Plot your land
  2. Choose a Plan / Blueprint / Kit
  3. Know what wood and type of logs you will use. Logs can shrink as they weather so make sure you ask for professional advice.
  4. Will you need help? A professional team?
  5. Do you LOVE your Log Cabin Kit? If not, make changes.
  6. Do you have Log Cabin Insurance?
  7. Know your budget. This can be costly so plan ahead before constructing.
  8. Avoid building in winter to reduce log checking, cracking and splitting. You will also want shelter from poor weather.
  9. After building the cabin, wash the logs and let the house dry for a week.
  10. Coat the cabin with a mixture of linseed oil & turpentine to the outside of the logs – repeat every 5 years.

Steps to Building Your Own Log Cabin

But first, have you met Becky? She is one of my favorite Homesteader’s on Youtube. She built this log cabin with her own bare hands and documented the process. You can watch her video bellow.

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