Don’t miss out on Chattahoochee Cabin- you’ll fall in love with this kitchen

As we get older, we generally see our family units grow in size – children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren – and with that comes a lack of space when wanting to get everyone together. In our opinion, log cabins are perfect little permanent homes for any family, but they also make excellent guest houses. Why? Unobtrusive on your grounds, pretty and often great space savers. When the Merrill family retired to a large farm in Tennessee, Chattahoochee Cabin was born for just that reason. With only 805 square feet, this special little cabin has everything the family needs for visiting guests. In order to fit in with the natural surroundings of their farm, they wanted a completely traditional look inside and out. Let’s explore… This cute, cottage-like cabin has all the classic features you associate with a traditional log home – flat horizontal side logs, dovetail corners and chinking between logs. The towering natural stone chimney rises up into the stunning high pointed roof. We can’t wait to see inside, can you?
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