Freedom Cove, Off Grid Boathouse and Garden Paradise

I am completely in love with gorgeous Freedom Cove! After getting a glimpse of this hidden floating treasure, complete with off-grid sustainable power, greenhouses and gardens, I am truly impressed by the incredible efforts of the two people who founded it, Catherine and Wayne, and their children who now take care of it. They have accomplished what so many have only dreamed of, to live completely off-grid in a place people would travel the world over to see. Accessible only by boat, this gorgeous floating village of boathouses, gardens, and even a mini-hotel is only that much more amazing because it was created to be fully sustainable. In fact, it has been powered by renewable energy for over 20 years already, and even has a nearby waterfall for collecting fresh water.

I have been to Tofino, BC before, known for its natural beauty, which is not far by boat from Freedom Cove, located in Clayoquot Sound. They both have amazing nature and views, but I have honestly never seen a more idyllic floating community before in my life than Freedom Cove. It’s fantastic how they combined off the grid sustainability with the beauty and attraction of a vacation paradise to create the ultimate off-grid experience in beautiful BC, Canada.

On top of my list of unique places to stay is the mini-hotel on the property, called the Wet Turtle, which already has four or five rooms being rented out in the Summer. The Wet Turtle is also made from 100% reclaimed and recycled materials, including driftwood and sunken metal from the bottom of the cove. One of the best aspects of this small village is the fact that it is full of beautiful gardens and when you sit down on a bench; all you see is plants and green all around you. That touch of nature makes Freedom Cove even more incredible than most floating communities, because you feel like you are in the forest surrounded by trees, not exposed on the water. It also adds a touch of romance to an already romantic floating paradise.

Now you too can see this incredible off-grid floating village and have your mind blown by its beauty and purity.

Enjoy the video below. It documents the work of a couple serious homestead gurus!


Please click the link below to The Homestead Guru website for more details:

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