Living ‘Off the Grid’ is a fast rising trend that is attractive to people from all over the map. For the newbie, living off the grid means that you do not rely on municipal companies for water supply, sewer, natural gas, electrical power grid, or similar utility services. The work to get there is quite the undertaking of learning the skills needed to be self sufficient. Most of us not taught these things growing up, but the benefits of taking the time to do this mean a ‘free-er’ lifestyle moving forward. This home in particular (and the plans for this off grid home) has been designed by Allison Ramsey Architects, Inc. Ok, so it might not be as ‘off grid’ as it can get, but at least it is a step in the right direction of becoming more sustainable.

The project is called ‘Whisper Creek’ and is a 1555 square foot home. It has a master bedroom (15′ x 14’8″), a second bedroom (11’6 x 12′), a porch, a dining room and library (11’6″ x 12’2″) another living room (“16’8″ x 17′) and a kitchen (11’8” x 17′). The kitchen features an Open Layout, Snack, and island.

At the link below at the Southern Living website, you can download the plans for this home and see if they are something that might suit you. The printed version will only give you the rough drawings, and if you would like something more detailed that you can get the full ‘Construction Set’ which provides 8 sets of plans for around 1200 dollars. Since it is a big price to pay, be sure to give the basic free plans a good look before you buy. Keep in mind that these plans can also be customized to you liking for a bigger costs as well.

Check out the link below to the ‘Southern Living’ website for more details.


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