(Video) This Small Log Cabin Construction is Impressive. Learn How to Make This ASAP for Living Off the Grid!

We will never forget the neighbor kid who dragged small logs, skinny limbs and leafy branches from a nearby wooded area home after school and made his own cabin in the backyard.

When we asked him how he learned to do it, after he invited us inside, he said his father showed him on paper how to build it but he, the boy, did all of the construction.

We believed him and were so impressed! We wanted to ask him if he’d help us with our own backyard building project but one thing led to another, adolescence hit, and the desire to build that little cabin left us. Still, all these years later, that memory has stuck and, would you believe, the desire to build that cabin – on an adult level – has returned!

Rub your hands together, pick up some tools, and get ready to build! You know you want to do it and with the instruction below you will be the envy of the neighborhood – or wherever you build your cabin. Plus, this will be one durable cabin when SHTF. All of your friends will be jealous!

If you like your videos quiet but filled with content the above is for you! We love watching this family’s progress and, although there is more to do by the end – for instance filling in those cracks (seen from the inside) against weather – this cabin is truly impressive!

No, it’s not big but it is functional and we can see ourselves taking a nap in there!

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