Vitamin B17 Do Helps Fight Malignant Tumors … See How You Can Get It!

Cancer is one of the most dangerous terminal diseases that exist, in fact, a large number of people die every day for this diagnosis while thousands of them add to the statistics of annual deaths. Doctors tell us that there is no medication to cure the condition, however, other doctors give us some tricks to avoid or keep the disease at bay .

It has been verified that the lack of Vitamin B17 can cause cancer, so basically. all we have to do is consume more foods rich with this nutrient.

On the other hand, the medical community has mentioned that having an alkaline body is a positive factor , since cancer cells only survive in an acidic organism , so, consuming less acidic and more alkaline foods will cause the cancer never to act. presence in our body.

What are alkaline foods and rich in vitamin B17?
Dr. Harold W. Manner is one of the people who says that the definitive cure for cancer is Vitamin B17 and laetrile , however, the latter has a ban on worldwide sales. This doctor says that the pharmacological industries have avoided their consumption because it would imply a great monetary loss , given their income for other medicines that treat cancer, but that do not cure it .

Within the mention of foods and rich in vitamin B17, Manner names the following:

-Apricot seeds
-Cherry seeds, apple, pear, peach, plums and prunes.
-Oats flakes
-Integral rice

On the other hand, beans , lentils , grains and peas are also on that list , as well as pumpkins with their seeds included. All these consumables are rich in many nutrients and are easier to absorb. Consuming them daily will prevent you from suffering from cancer in the future. It is also important that Vitamin C is never missing in your body. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise from time to time to stimulate the proper functioning of your organs.

Other recommendations to avoid cancer

When we wash the dishes with detergent, these are not totally clean because there are bacteria that adhere too fast and strong, so when we go to eat, they also stay in the food and end up entering our body. It is best to wash the kitchen utensils with vinegar .

Similarly, all foodstuffs must be washed before cooking or ingesting them. The greater the care of what we consume, the lower the chances that we will get cancer or any other disease such as diabetes , Alzheimer’s , leukemia , anemia , problems with cholesterol , triglycerides or heart conditions .

You have to keep your emotions controlled. A lot of stress only harms the state of your health. Concerns have been common for centuries, but you have to know how to cope with them.



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